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Getting out and about


Seriously, getting outdoors to discover the world is what it is all about for me. Combine this with my love for photography and I am in my element. 'Photography helps people to see.' - (Berenice Abbott). So true.

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Operational excellence


My background is actual in manufacturing and today I still help out organisations and small business achieve excellence in manufacturing and logistics, always with a focus on the customer. If your interest in more about this follow the link.


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Photography is my meditation


‘Photography is my meditation.’ - (Czar Anthony Lopez). This is definitely the case. Especially when you are out walking around discovering the world. I usually have my headphones on and listening to one of my many chilled playlists.

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The love of learning


I have never really stopped learning. Even after the completion of formal post graduate studies I still embrace the joy of learning. Apart from learning through the experience of others I also really enjoy self-learning thanks to Google and YouTube.

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Bring it all together


I believe that the combination of all the above has allowed me to create some beautiful art that I now offer for sales as limited editions and provide a high quality, cost effective and reliable service for those needing quality original photographs. Contact me if I can be of help.



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