Surrended VIII

Surrendered VIII


On our way up to the Flinders Rangers, we planned to leave at 4am in the morning. Well trying to get everyone out of the house at 4am did not go to plan. If we had left on time we would have been at this old Burra homestead a half hour before sunrise and capture this scene with the most amazing sky. I suppose this story is just like a fisherman’s story. The one that got away.


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Surrended VI

Surrendered VI


Bondleigh Hall is in the Adelaide hills. It about 45minutes for the city and is a popular spot to capture the milky way with the old hall in the foreground. I have been up that way a couple of time scouting around. I have a few images of this hall that i really like. However, I think this one is my favourite due to its simplicity. The place has a very different feel depending on the time of year.


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Surrended IX

Surrendered IX


Okay. I have driven passed this old house so many times it is ridiculous. You would think that at least one of those time some decent light would encourage me to stop and take a photo. But no, I had to wait for a storm to be clearing towards the end of the day to then drive an hour to capture this shot. It’s one of those things. Every photographer has some elusive shots that they can never seem to capture. This has been one of mine.


Limited edition - 50 prints only



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