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Formal Portraits


Formal portraits and headshots form part of most websites. It is important to define the style of portraits required as they can extend the branding image of the business. Allow the time to scout the work place for a number of opportunities typically allows for a good set of photos that can be used across a number of media platforms.




Product photography that captures attention and reflects the brand requires more than a standard approach in a studio. I come out to the site and set up to ensure the lighting, composition, backgrounds and props come together for an outcome that best describes your business. The result is a suite of photos that can be used across all media types.


360 Degree


If you’re looking to have customer get a feel of what it like to be in your business, then a 360-degree panorama is a great way to do this. This works especially well for cafes, restaurants, bars and retail stores. Potential customer love to interact with these images, so make sure they are available in all you online media and Google street view.


Banner Images


Website banners are very unique. With such a wide image, composition is the key. Typically, you require the subject of the photo to be well presented whilst also allowing plenty of space to incorporate text and a call to action. Your web designer will be asking for these images and they do make a substantial difference to the professional feel of any website.




If you are unsure as to where to start, then selecting one of my simple packages is a great way to start. You will get to experience how I do things and I will get to know you and your business. From there you will be able to appreciate the flexibility and ease of working with me and I will be able to make some solid recommendations for next time.




You will find my approach to planning and execution will enable you to get the most out of you budget. Through allowing the time to scope and plan shoots the final set of photos will provide a stock of photos for use over a number of media platforms. To find out more how I can match my service to your needs follow the contact link.




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