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My photography passion is definitely landscape photography. It combines my love of getting out into nature and photography. Capturing a moment in time from my walks is extremely rewarding. One of my favourite photography quote sums it up. ‘Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment’ (Ansel Adams). The images in this gallery are all images inland and many from South Australia.




The coast line of South Australia offers some amazing sights. The Fleurieu Peninsula especially is a great place to explore as it offers some amazing beaches with beautiful white, whilst also providing some dramatic rocky shorelines. These are all out our doorstep in Adelaide and I often find myself heading south to immerse myself in nature, breath the fresh sea air and capture one of the amazing sunsets we get to enjoy so often.


Black and White


Often, I am faced with a situation where the sky is boring, or the colours don't allow the subject to stand out. This is why I think I love black and white photography so much. The hunt for an image is so much more challenging as it requires tone, contrast, textures, detail, lines, shapes and form to make it pleasing to the eye. It also makes it so much more rewarding when I find the right composition and the images is appreciated by others.




Rural Australia can be a very harsh environment. In my travels I have come across many abandoned homesteads and farm houses. I find that these old ruins provide a lot of character and story to some of my images. This gallery will take some time to develop and the images not to everyone’s taste, however it has become an interesting project that I am enjoying, and it get me out looking at different perspectives and push creativity.




Through traveling for work I find myself in capital cities. Normally at the end of the working day, I do not have the time to head out into nature for my usual escape. I do however have some time in the morning and evenings to go for a walk. I find it a great challenge to try and capture a beautiful aspect of the city skyline. Whether it is a large skyline or small, I like to find some beauty in all the cement and glass.


Free Form


Well there are a whole lot of times that I am out and about with my camera and find interesting pespectives or subject to capture. I can't at this stage clasify these in any way as to put them into a gallery. However, I have enjoyed creating these images and others have appreciated them, so I like the idea of a gallery that is free of any clasification and just allows freedom of subject and opens up and encourages creativity. Hope you enjoy.


Limited Editions


My prints are offered as limited editions. In each gallery, the total number of prints for each image is stated. In general, I have limited them to 50 prints only. Some more and some less. Images are only available as a print however there are many options available. All images come with a title below and the print number. This footer can be covered when you frame the image. If you have questions please ask.


Giclee Print Quality


Giclee print is the standard for exhibiting photographs. Large format Giclee photographic images for exhibition are especially eye catching on heavy weight art papers as these materials show no reflections. There are a range of options available and these option plus the differences in screens will result in some subtle differences to what you are seeing. For more information about prints and screen please download the print quality pdf.


Digital copies


High resolution digital copies are available for any of the images in my social media sites that are not in my galleries. Pricing plus terms and conditions are detailed in the digital purchase download. Should you wish to purchase a digital copy, please contact me and advise the title of the image you are interested in. You will find my terms and conditions for digital copies are very easy and allow flexibility for ongoing use.




Most Recent



Natures Grip

Natures Grip


A fresh crisp morning with some mist in Adelaide's Botanic park to start our last day of autumn for 2015. This would have to be one of my favourtie images that I had the joy of taking as it was my firt early morning adventures purely to take photos. Since then I have had no problems getting out of bed early to head out, when the opportunity arrises, to enjoy and capture the beauty that is the start of the new day.


Limited edition - 50 prints only

Blinman Creek

Blinman Creek


The hike along Blinman Creek in the Flinders Rangers is one of the most satisfying hikes I have done in a while. After a 6-kilometre hike across rugged country you arrive at a beautiful pool to go for a swim and cool off. The walk back takes 2 hours and we timed it so as it would not be so hot, and we could enjoy the views as light faded.


Limited edition - 50 prints only




Autumn 2017 was about to get into full swing in Adelaide. Last year, for whatever reason, I didn't get out to watch the show. This year I plan to get out allot. This scene is from my first venture. I specifically enjoyed the drama the weather added. It can get quite cold when heading out into inclement to shot images like this, but I think its worth it and I really enjoy processing images that have a lot of drama in them.


Limited edition - 50 prints only



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