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Real Estate Photography


I work directly with the client and the real estate agent to ensure we capture the features of the home and make them really stand out. Quality and service is the key. I use rigours processes to ensure pre-shoot, onsite shooting and post production are done right first time. In post-production, every image is processed individually and retouched to create a high quality, natural feeling set of images suitable for print and the internet.


Website Photography


The use of stock photos on websites is now a deterrent for potential customers searching for your products or service. Customers understand that the model in the photograph does not work for you and this creates doubt. Customers respond well to high quality images that demonstrates what you provide and suggest that your business is professional, reliable and has been serving the market for some time.


Social Media Photo's


With the explosion of social media, customers of all ages are now using social media as a source to spread the word and feel confident that the service of product you provide will meet their expectations. In this form of digital marketing, customers are wanting to see the real deal. Photography for social media is less formal, but to be successful, and noticed in the noise on social media, you now need high quality images that reflect reality.




To make life easy, I have created a number of packages that customers can use. In each package there is a basic, standard and a premium option. As the names suggest, the basic is typically what is required to just get the job done. The standard is the most common and provides you with a portfolio that will enable you to market your product or service effectively. The premium will provide you that little bit extra to stand out from the crowed.




My background is actually in operations management and I am still very active through supporting organisations and small business achieve excellence focused on the customer. To find out more how I bring my background in operations to the field of photography, follow the link below to the about me page. The combination of my skills, experience and passion for photography provides a unique combination focused on service.




If you are looking for good value professional service that you can count on from first contact, all the way through pre-shoot planning, professional on location execution, quality post production to delivery as promised, then contact me directly via email of mobile phone. Follow the link to my contact details and I will start working with you to provide you a service that meets your needs.




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