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You will discover that my commitment to customer service extends from first contact via prompt responses all the way through to providing the complete set of images and other supporting materials ordered. I understand that being able to rely on contractors to meet their promises is critical when dealing with a new vendor, so they pass on their experience.




To make it easy, I offer a number of packages that can be used to commit to a new vendor or as a starting point to customise a specific shoot to really capture the essence of the property. There is a basic, standard and a premium option for photo sets and options relating to floor packages and evening shoots. Download the PDF for all the details.


Floor plans


Floor plans help make a listing stand out. Floor plans help potential buyers understand the flow of the home and how the space might work for them. I take accurate measurements of a property before creating a detailed plan. As some customers do not require a floor plan or they have the ability to provide their own, floor plan costs are an option to consider.


Tips and checks


As part of the service, I can be in direct contact with the vendor or agent in charge of preparing the property for sale. Through this direct contact I provide an extensive plan, check list and set of tips that will help prepare the property in a manner that facilitates highest quality images. This also allows myself to finalise an optimal date and time for photography.




The first rule of photography is to get it right in the camera, however, there are always times that a little retouching is required to remove an object that should not have been there or to correct perspective associated to the wide angel of the lens. Quality retouching to provide images that truly reflect the home is all part of the process.




Contact me directly via email of mobile phone. For good value professional service that you can count on from first contact, all the way through pre-shoot planning, professional on location execution, quality post production to delivery, follow the link to my contact details and I will start working with you to provide you a service that meets your needs.




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