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Fun Team Portraits


Customers reviewing social media to understand your business are expecting and wanting to see day to day life in the work place and the team that will be providing them the product and or service. Here is an opportunity for your team to really show who they are and start the connection with your customer. Fun team portraits are a fun way to start the shift.


The Team at Work


Images of the team at work in a very natural environment really allows the customer to imagine what goes on to provide them their product and or service. Apart from further assisting in creating a connection with the customer, it also helps provide them a sense of value. This is especially the case if your product or service is not out of a box.


Customer Interaction


With many customers using social media in their decision-making process, quality candid photos demonstrating how you interact with your customers can be very powerful. This is where you can put your customer service ethos in lights and really engage with the customer. These photos do require a little more planning to ensure actual customers are at ease.


Product (Casual)


Customer really believe that the formal product shots viewed on the website or in a broacher are going to be different to what is provided. If customers can see that the difference between the formal photos and reality is minimal they are more likely to make a decision in your favour. Combined these images with others mentioned and customers walk in the door.




If you are unsure as to where to start, then selecting one of my simple packages is a great way to start. You will get to experience how I do things and I will get to know you and your business. You will get some great images to enhance your social media footprint and be able to appreciate the flexibility and ease of working with me.




Let’s get creative and have some fun with your team, products and customers. We can also discuss ways to get the most out of the shoot. One set of photos can be used in a number of different posts so that you can really get the most out of your social media marketing. To find out more how I can match my service to your needs follow the contact link.




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